We Caribbean Support & Flight Services (CSFS) are Fix Base operator (FBO) with an International Trip coordination center that provide services through all the locations on Central, South and north America including all the islands on the Caribbean. We provide our clients with all the requested services for their Private, Ambulance, SKED, ADHOC flights including the Flight Planning, Permits (Landing/Over-flight), Ground Handling Coordination, Hotel Accommodations, Fuel, Ground Transportation and any service that your aircraft, crew and passengers require in short notice at any location.

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OffersTrip Support, FBO, Charters, Aircraft Management, Ground Handling, Husbanding, And MRO is coming!services for you.


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    Find us at the office

       CRA 2 NO. 67-143 (Floor 1 Suite 101)
       Cartagena – Bolivar – Colombia South America

Give us a Call

Phone: +57 605 666 5234 / +57 605 693 2417
Cellphone: +57 304 555 7609 / +57 300 751 1888
USA Number: +1 813 333 1846 Fax USA: +1 813 425 9378
Toll Free 877 751 2737

Commercial Office

16042 Shinnecock Drive Odessa, FL.33556
Phone: 813 541 7550
Fax: 813 425 9378

Visit us at: www.csfs.aero
Email us at: operations@csfs.aero

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